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Food quality and safety

Sigurnost i kvalitetu svakoga PIK-ovog proizvoda jamči stalna kontrola i sljedivost cjelokupnoga proizvodnog procesa u skladu s politikom kvalitete i sigurnosti hrane.

The quality of PIK Vrbovec products is ensured by its quality control department, authorized veterinarians and state veterinary inspectors who conduct constant supervision and daily inspections. In its own laboratory, PIK conducts about 80,000 microbiological and chemical analyses annually, using modern, sophisticated laboratory devices and materials. In addition, PIK performs several thousand analyses in referential state laboratories.

The strictly controlled process is systematically monitored by the implementation of the HACCP preventive approach to ensuring food safety. Having the export number HR 10 enables export to the most demanding markets in the world, such as the USA, Russia, Japan and other countries, which is not held by any meat producer in Croatia or in the region except PIK.

Customer satisfaction is our primary consideration, so PIK Vrbovec has also introduced a Halal product quality system according to market requirements.

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