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Sliced products

PIK slices are practical, pre-cut and ready to use, and save time because there is no waiting in line, they open easily, and do not contain flavor enhancers, artificial colors, gluten or soy and have 25% less salt. A wide range of PIK cold cuts – hams, mortadellas, preserved sausages, Parisians – are ideal for many situations and occasions – whether it’s socializing with family and friends, a quick and easy meal when we are pressed for time, or a late evening snack while no one is looking.


PIK hams are a trademark of PIK Vrbovec. They are produced according to proven recipes, from the highest quality pieces of pork leg and with the addition of a special combination of spices that gives them a distinctive taste. A rich selection of PIK hams of different textures and flavors, from mild to rustic with a pronounced note of smoke, allows everyone to find a ham to their liking.

Turkey ham

PIK turkey hams are made from the highest quality pieces of turkey meat. They do not contain flavor enhancers, artificial colors, gluten or soy, and have a reduced salt content. PIK turkey hams have a low caloric value and low fat content, while at the same time being naturally rich in protein.


The origin of mortadella is the famous Italian region, Emilia-Romagna, more precisely its center Bologna. PIK mortadellas are produced according to a traditional Italian recipe from selected ingredients of the highest quality. They go well with other foods, and depending on the dish, mortadella can be cut into thin slices or thicker cubes that are great for tasty and quick “finger food”.


For many years, PIKO has been a favorite product of our youngest fans, but also parents and grandparents. It is made from the highest quality pieces of red meat and is rich in protein. The convenience of packaging and cutting allows you to put together the most imaginative creations. It is ideal in combination with various types of bread rolls, and goes well with fresh cheese, salad or cucumbers.

Preserved sausages

PIK preserved sausages are produced according to traditional recipes from top pieces of meat. They are ideal for all occasions, from family gatherings to various celebrations and socializing with friends. The diverse offer of PIK permanent sausages, whether you are a fan of traditional flavors or those that are a bit more modern, will surely find their place in juicy sandwiches, colorful canapes or cold platters.

Dried meat

Durable cured meat products such as PIK coppa, pancetta, or pečenica are produced according to old recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Selected pieces of meat, a slightly accentuated note of smoke, and a rustic taste make them a favorite traditional product without which cold platters are unthinkable.


PIK products are an ideal ingredient in various dishes, but also in classic sandwiches or platters.
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